To be truthfully honest this is not a book I would have ever picked up and bought. It is no where near my usual choices of books. However I did win a copy of this from a Giveaway, so I gave it a chance. The beginning of Dream Lover had me at a standstill after reading the Prologue I really wanted to put the book down and not pick it back up. The Prologue raised so many questions and the big one is there a happy ending in Eli's future or is he just plain delusional? Through out this book we learn that Eli has 3 other Male friends and their stories are well written. Personally I love the Sunday dinners with grandma and how intuitive the grandmother is. Overall it is a good book. It is worth a read. I definitely will look for other books by Talyn Gore. - Ragen Rollins on Goodreads

I didn't know where this book was going, but an interesting story, the sex details could've been less. I'm glad I read it, the bond that the friends had was wonderful, loved the outcome of everything, I couldn't wait to see how it all worked out..- Susan on Goodreads

At first glance of the cover I didn’t know what to expect of the contents, but after reading it I saw the symbolism in the choice of covers. I absolutely loved the book. It's not just another rehash of the same old story line that recently erotic romance has pushed at us, and it has one of the best endings that I have read in a long time. It is absolutely an original story idea the first I've ever wanted to write a review on. The story focuses on a developing romance and life that Eli has with his dream woman. It was hard to put down once I began; I wanted to know how it could possibly have a happy ending. I also liked the limited number of characters that were introduced and that I was able to get to know more personally. Just like the author’s biography states, “Talyn has a special knack for twists and endings that her readers won’t see coming,” And I didn’t see it coming! For fans of erotic and/or paranormal romance, this is one great read!” – Kendra on Goodreads

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